Essential Discus Fish Information

Discus are a one of a kind type of fish. These fish are very rare and hard to find. Discus belong to a large family called Cichlids and they are usually located in South America. The physical features of discus fish are a disc-shaped body with dorsal and anal fins reaching to the tail. Their diameter can be up to ten inches from the body of the adult fish. Selective breeding has led to the creation of some stunningly beautiful fish.

Discus are one of the 1500 Cichlid species. They are three common types of discus such as the green discus, and also the most common of the discus, the Heckel discus and the haraldi discus. Their scientific name is genus Symphysodon. You should learn as much as you can because each discus has different requirements.

This type of fish is very expensive and requires quite a high maintenance. If you want to keep or breed these fish, you should have a good knowledge of discus fish information. You should keep in mind when you starting raising or taking care of discus, you should buy a group of these fish, or a pair because they need social interactions to develop their character to its fullest.

Having the right discus information is very important. If you do not research or learn about discus, I am sure that if you try to raise a discus or if you are not careful in keeping them there is a possibility that you might kill your fish. That is why knowing all the discus fish information you can is important.

The most important thing to remember in raising or taking care of discus fish is water. When raising or taking care of a discus fish your water should have the right pH, which is 6.5 ñ 7.5 ph. In addition, the water should be clean so you can maintain their good health. You should also change the water in the tank every week.

This is another important point you should know about discus, which is TANK size. When you buy a tank, you should purchase a big tank because we all know that discus fish grow rapidly and become quite big. If you buy a small tank, your discus will not be happy and it will stunt their growth in the long term.

The other important discus information is when you are feeding a discus you should give them the right food and feed them small amounts of food rather than one large meal. After you feed your fish, clean all uneaten food to avoid disease to your fish.

You should know as much as possible so that you can be successful in taking care of discus. I hope with this little bit of discus fish information can help you in taking care for the future.

Author: Jackie Ross

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