Job Searching On-The-Go: What to Consider When Choosing a Phone App

It is no secret that we tend to think of computers when talking about looking for a job online. A standard internet search on your computer will turn up a number of career search websites. Did you also know that you can use your smart phone as well? You can! Whether you have an iPhone, Windows phone, or Android phone, you can use this device to job search. On your phone’s marketplace, you’ll find a number of job search app designed to get the job done.

Since a search on your phone’s marketplace will return a number of job search apps, which one should you install? Here are a few features to look for:

Job Search Apps: Free

As you know, you’ll find thousands of applications available for download on your marketplace. If you have an Android phone, you’ll use the Android Market and so forth. These apps vary in price. Let’s take games for example. Many are free to install, some are 99 cents, and others cost as much as $5. You will find the same price variances with job finders.

Why spend money if you do not have to? That is why you are encouraged to checkout free job apps first. Since you spend no money, give the app a try. If it doesn’t meet your wants and needs, simply uninstall it from your phone!

Job Search Apps: Multiple Sites Searched

Another variance you’ll commonly find with job programs is the websites searched. Some apps will search one job site and one job site only. Other apps will search multiple career sites at once. You want to be able to search multiple websites at once. You want one search to produce jobs from CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, Simply Hired, Dice, Craigslist, and so forth.

The ability to search multiple job sites at once is important. Companies use a wide range of job posting services and websites. If you limit your search to only one or two, you miss out on valuable job opportunities and this can hinder your chances of landing a job.

Job Search Apps: Search Filters

Being able to search multiple job sites at once is advised because it will give you the upper-hand, but a good application will have additional features for you to take advantage of. For example, you should have options when it comes to searching for jobs. You should be able to key in your zip code or city and state. It is best to choose a search radius, as this enables you to determine how far you want to drive to work each day. If a search radius is not offered, you should at least be able to arrange jobs in order of distance from your zip code.

Additional features you should look for include costco jobs the ability to forward jobs onto yourself via email; ideal for applying for jobs with a computer generated resume, the ability to sort jobs based on preferences, the ability to remove jobs from your list, and so forth.

Job Search Apps: Resumes

It is rare to find a job search app for smart phones that enables you to apply via an uploaded resume. That is why being able to email a job listing to yourself is advised. Most apps will direct you to the job ad and you may be able to apply for the job using the online job application, but you will have to type this document on your phone.

Author: Jackie Ross