Kitchen Area Rugs: How to Choose the Best Kitchen Rugs for Your Home

The kitchen and bathroom are probably two of the most common rooms of any home that have rugs. Rugs are generally used most on hard surfaces and they are used for a number of reasons. When shopping for kitchen area rugs for your home there are plenty of things to consider that will help you out in the long run. It’s best not to rush into purchasing one or settling for one because you may end up wanting or having to replace it within the next year. Best Kitchen Mats for Hardwood Floors

• Appearance. Most people will choose a rug simply based on the style or color scheme. They want to make sure it matches their kitchen decor. While important, this shouldn’t be the sole factor on what prompts you to purchase any rug. There are several other things that should be considered.

• Quality. A good quality rug will have strong edges that can withstand the high traffic area that is your kitchen. Kitchen rugs go through quite a bit even on a daily basis and the edges tend to get the brunt of everything. Kitchen area rugs that are made with quality in mind will have strong edges that will be resistant to fraying.

• Size. Depending on the layout of your home, you may need several kitchen area rugs. The most common places for kitchen rugs are in front of the sink, stove and/or door areas. This is also where the most traffic occurs. Some people choose a large area rug to cover a larger area of the floor rather than buying several smaller kitchen rugs. It’s a good idea to know the dimensions of your kitchen so that you know how much space a particular rug is going to use.

• Non-Slip. Since kitchens tend to be built with non-carpeted flooring, a non-slip rug can help it stay in place. What good is a rug if it’s able to slide around on the floor? That’s going to cause more of a nuisance than being helpful.

• Washable. Kitchens are a high traffic area which means your kitchen rugs will probably need to be washed quite a bit. For convenience, you’re going to want to choose kitchen area rugs that can either be washed by hand or washing machine. This will help you keep your kitchen cleaner and your rugs looking nicer. A quality made rug will not begin to fade right away so keep that in mind when you’re opting for the cheapest rug.

No matter which kitchen area rugs you choose, it’s best to find a quality made rug that fits your style and size requirements. Don’t base your choice simply on appearance or you might find yourself buying a rug every year. A good rug will last for several years without needing to be replace.

Author: Jackie Ross