Using Food That Is in Season

Best value local food

Fed up with price increases at the supermarket? Petrol costs adding pounds to the weekly shopping bill? There may not be any local shops near you. But you can still make some changes to your shopping habits.

A busy family life may mean you do your food shopping once a week. You probably use your nearest large supermarket. It’s the most efficient thing to do. Or is it? It may take you up to thirty minutes to get to the supermarket. Doing the actual shop can take an hour. Getting home and putting it all away; another couple of hours. So at the very least, you spend 2-4 hours every week, shopping. 먹튀사이트

Shop local, shop in season

Spread that out to three trips locally of an hour at most. The first saving then is in time. You may be convinced that supermarkets are cheaper. Check your supermarket receipt. Using a local butcher, fishmonger, and greengrocer can work out cheaper. Walking or cycling there may add time – but it will be healthier and cheaper than driving. So that’s another saving. Local shops are more likely to use fresh local produce, particularly greengrocers. That means they will only have the produce that is in-season. That may sound limiting – but actually it can make you more creative. You also need to shift your mind set.

Buy only what you can carry.

  • Buy only what’s in season.
  • Don’t be tempted by BOGOFF (buy one get one free) offers, unless you know you will use the product.
  • Run a check on your fridge. How much extra stuff is thrown out?
  • Plan family meals 2-3 days ahead
  • Make a list of what you need – stick to it!
  • Ask the shopkeeper for help – they will be delighted to advise you

Farmers Markets, Doorstep Deliveries

Even if you don’t have shops near you, you can shop locally. More individual shops and food producers are offering to deliver. You can order veg and fruit boxes online. You will get a selection of fresh produce delivered to your door weekly. Having only a limited selection of produce makes you more inventive! Get the kids involved. Get them to help peel that big butternut squash for curry! Prices for a box of mixed veg and fruit vary. £8-£10 may seem a lot for one type of food. But look at that supermarket receipt again. Add up all the fruit and veg on that and you may get a shock.

Author: Jackie Ross